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Modern students often search for the essay writing help online as they are doing their best to succeed at their academic institutions as well as at their part-time jobs. Thus, the time becomes quite valuable nowadays and it is much easier and fruitful just to order the help with essay writing, than spend a lot of time researching, looking for sources and writing your paper by yourself without any essay help.

Due to the main requirements and possibilities of the students, we have developed the best appropriate online essay help service. We have noticed that almost everyone, coming with the request “please help me write my essay” cares about its price at first. Well, it is obvious, as students always have some money issues. That is why we have developed the acceptable pricing policy for the essay help online so that everyone needing the helping hand could apply to our essay writing help service and benefit from it.

The price for the essay help can be checked on our pricing page. However, there are some ways that you can lower the price quote for the essay help online.

At first, you are always welcome to get the discount for the help with essay. We will be glad to give a good discount as for the returning customer coming for the essays help regularly, as well as for the new ones, who are still a bit unconfident about the ordering essay help. Due to the discount policy we understand each customer`s situation and doing our best to meet everyone`s opportunities regarding the price for the essay help.

However, if the price for the help with writing after the discount applying is still too high for you, you can adjust some of the categories in the order form.

The price for the essay help is influenced by such requirements as the deadline, the academic level of the paper, its number of pages, and the type of service selected. The price can be increased after marking some additional features as well.

If you ask us “please help me write my essay within 4 hours”, you will obviously get the higher price quote than for the order with 2 weeks deadline. The urgency has its price, as the more time writer has for the help writing a paper, the less price becomes. The useful hint is for you to ask for the maximum possible deadline to get the best price.

The help writing a paper at the Master`s level and the college essay help differ when to compare their complexity, the terminology used etc. That is why the higher academic level is selected for your essay help, the higher the price will be for it. However, there are some situations, when college students get simply tasks that seem to be appropriate for the High School. Thus, you can lower the academic level and save some money for the order.

Also, do not select any additional features if you want to get the lowest price.

There are some more hints and our customer support team will be glad to share them with you 24/7!